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This year Peacemakers will be 30 years old!

On 21 September, International Day of Peace, the organisation will celebrate its work with a conference for children followed by a birthday party. To find out more follow them on social media @WMQPEP or contact them by email at

Train the young people in your organisation to set up a ‘Kids Mediate’ service to resolve their disagreements by using the same process used in employment and family mediation. This specialist training develops skills for life: active listening, co-operation and problem solving.

Ofsted consistently praise our trained mediators for their contribution to school’s behavior and safety and the DfE research highlights the efficacy of mediation in reducing bullying.

 We provide this training in partnership with Healthy Minds who have over a decade of experience of working in schools.

Location         Fred Bulmer Centre, Hereford, HR4 NJP

Date                8/9th May 9.30am – 3.30pm

Cost                £180 per person or £140 each for 2 participants.

This price includes lunch, refre...

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The Peer Mediation Network is a group of organisations, professionals and educators collaborating to foster best practice in conflict resolution for young people by young people.