The Peer Mediation Network is a group of organisations, professionals and educators collaborating to foster best practice in conflict resolution for young people by young people.



August 20, 2019

Join us for an exciting meeting and skillshare on 8 November 2019, London. | RSVP (Free): We will hear updates from Peer Mediation Network about joint projects and achievements from across the network and discuss joint projects, followed by a skillshare from Dr Alison Benson who will share her research on the impact of peer mediation. She writes: "I will unpack the empirical paper from my doctoral thesis and I hope we can explore together how my research fits with your own experiences.  First, I hope to explain the set-up of the well-established peer mediation secondary school programme that was the focus of my research. Of course, each school and each peer mediation programme have subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) differences, so I hope this will help set my research within a context. Next, I will walk you through the process of data collection and data analysis. Then, crucially, I will talk through my key findings, including perceptions of the programme...

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