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 conflict resolution for young people by young people

Peer mediation is conflict resolution for young people by young people, typically in an educational setting.  Peer Mediators are trained in the process and skills needed to mediate between two parties neutrally. Peer mediators work in hundreds of primary and secondary schools in the United Kingdom and around the world.

The Peer Mediation Network is a group of organisations committed to promoting the best use of peer mediation in schools throughout the United Kingdom.


Our Members provide training and support and the Network shares best practice in.

 What do We do? 

Find a training provider near you. Our Network members offer training and support for schools and young people to develop mediation skills and systems in hundreds of schools.

Join our next meeting. The Peer Mediation Network is a place for organisations and trainers to share best practice, resources and support. We meet for skillshares and to develop joint projects.

The Peer Mediation Network has a common goal to support the amazing young people helping resolve conflict, making schools safer and more peaceful for everyone.

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