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Spring Networking Meeting | 18 March

The next Network meeting will take place 11am-4pm on 18th March 2019 at Friends House, Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ.

This includes a morning Network Meeting and an afternoon skillshare beginning at 1.30pm.

Skillshare: How coaching supports peer medication with Jo Castro

During the workshop I would like to share my experiences around establishing quality peer mediation and the ways in which adults can support the pupils’ work. I will talk about how developing adult’s and children’s coaching skills will enable them to support and build upon the great work of the mediators and encourage solution focused conversations on the playground and in the classroom.

About Jo

"I have taught for 18 years, mainly, in East London. For eight of those years I was an Assistant Head of a primary school. During this time, I completed a post graduate certificate in Coaching Psychology at UEL and I trained in Brief Solution Focused coaching. Alongside two colleagues I led coaching training throughout the school for all members of staff and coached groups and individuals to create a coaching culture. Coaching is about empowering individuals to realise their potential through setting their own goals and finding their own solutions to problems. Therefore, training pupils to peer mediate was a natural step in creating a coaching culture for pupils as well as adults in the school. The peer mediation in the school was supported by adapting our behaviour policy alongside training Midday Supervisors to use a coaching approach on the playground. As a result of our work, the school was awarded the Gold Award by Coachmark. I currently work part-time as a Year 6 teacher and the rest of my time I work as a coach in education: training adults to coach, apply coaching skills in the classroom and to coach peers to improve teaching practice. I coach individual children, groups of children to develop confidence, lead Year 6 transition sessions and train children to peer mediate."

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